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This soft, buttery, shortbread cookie will delight your taste buds with its Middle Eastern flavors! The cookie dough is made from scratch and has dried hibiscus, chopped pistachios, and cardamom worked into it.

Hibiscus (similar to cranberry in flavor) adds a tart brightness that compliments the warmth of the cardamom and sweetness of pistachio.

Each freshly baked cookie is dipped into a smooth white chocolate and finish with a sprinkling of hibiscus and pistachio. We recommend enjoying the Hibiscus Shortbread Cookie with your morning coffee or tea!



  • White chocolate from Cleveland Chocolate Company - a woman-owned local bean to bar chocolate maker in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.
  • Butter from Minerva Dairy - a family owned creamery in Minerva, OH making butter from Ohio's pasture raised cows.
  • Einkorn flour (an ancient grain, the predecessor of modern wheat) grown and milled by Stutzman Farms in Millersburg, Ohio.
  • Brown sugar made from sugarbeets grown and processed in Michigan by the Michigan Sugar Company for the Pioneer Sugar brand (warehouses in Fremont and Findlay, OH).
  • Pistachio's from Hillson Nut Company, a nut factory and roaster on Cleveland's Westside.


Contains: Milk, Egg, Tree Nut (Pistachio), Wheat

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