Our Ingredients

Mama Bear Bakery believes that using local ingredients not only improves the quality and taste of our baked goods, but also provides a way to support local food producers and our local Ohio community.

We use organic products whenever possible because it is healthier for your body and the land used to produce it. Einkorn wheat, an ancient grain, is used in many of our products because it contains less gluten, is genetically simpler than modern wheat, and is grown here in Ohio. Continue reading to learn where Mama Bear Bakery sources its local ingredients.

Local Grocers

Ohio City Provisions

Urban Bulk Foods

West Side Market


Local Ingredients

Stutzman Farms

Cleveland Chocolate Company

Minerva Dairy

Pioneer Sugar

Wholesome Valley Farm

Meister Foods

Narrin's Spices and Sauces

Penzeys Spices