What We Do

Mama Bear Bakery specializes in cookies, brownies, and bars baked from scratch with high-quality, local ingredients.


Our Mission

Mama Bear Bakery is a local-focused bakery committed to creating delicious baked goods from scratch using local ingredients.

Supporting local is at the heart of all operations at Mama Bear Bakery. All of our ingredients are sourced from local food growers, producers, makers, and grocers. This allows us to use high-quality, fresh ingredients and to support local small businesses and food operations.

When you support local small businesses, you help create stronger, healthier local communities and economies.


Meet The Owner

Emily is a self-taught home baker. Her first career was in Nursing as a NICU nurse, then School Nurse, and eventually a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When Emily and her husband moved back to Cleveland in 2017, she decided to take a break from Nursing.

During her time off, Emily quickly started baking more, especially once she and her husband got their own chickens. Inspired by Cleveland's love of supporting local, she decided to focus on using local ingredients. At first this was a challenge, but then Emily discovered the huge bounty Ohio and its neighboring states truly offer!

Emily lives in Ohio City with her husband and daughter along with their golden retriever Mochi, 2 cats Lulu and Ziggy, and 7 chickens (RBG, Florence, Rosa, Marie, Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderella).