Our Mission

Mama Bear Bakery is committed to creating tasty, homemade baked goods made from scratch and with high-quality local ingredients.  We believe that using local ingredients not only improves the quality and taste of the products, but also provides a way to support local food producers and our local Ohio community.


Meet The Owner

Emily Tavag is the owner and baker behind Mama Bear Bakery, a home-based bakery in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. Mama Bear Bakery specializes in cookies, brownies, and bars baked from scratch with high-quality, local ingredients.

At Mama Bear Bakery supporting local is integral to our bakery. Just like you, we think that supporting our community makes it stronger. We are dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients from our local farmers, food producers, and grocers to use in our baked goods. Mama Bear Bakery, it’s your community in a bite!