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Our mission is to create delicious baked goods made from high quality locally sourced ingredients.

We strive to make it effortless to ‘support local’ when you need baked goods for yourself or others. We work to create a stronger, more robust, and healthy community by supporting other local small businesses, local farmers, and local grocers.

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    We strive to create delicious baked goods because food shouldn't just look good, it should taste good too. When you're working with high quality ingredients, it's easy to make exceptional products for people to enjoy.


    We define our local community as our state of Ohio and our neighboring states. MBB strives to create, nurture, and deepen relationships between local consumers, businesses, and food producers in order to enhance our community and to create a welcoming, accepting, and supportive environment for all.


    We prioritize being intentional with our choices from the ingredients and supplies we use, to how we dedicate our time. We endeavor to make purposeful decisions that align with our values, to do the research to understand what we are choosing to support, and to be deliberate with our money and actions.